"[Giselle] told me [Andalasia's] just beyond the Meadows of Joy and the Valley of Contentment."
Sam talking Robert Philip
Giselle's Cottage
Giselle's cottage in the forests of Andalasia
Name Andalasia
Inhabitants Humans, Talking Animals, Trolls, Fairies, Unicorns

Andalasia is a magical fairy-tale world.

Appearance Edit

Giselle: "What sort of awful place is this?"
Robert: "It's reality."
Giselle: "Well, I think I'd prefer to be in Andalasia."
Robert: "I think I'd prefer that, too."
—Robert and Giselle

Andalasia looks like any other fairytale world. With lush forests and a magnificent castle, Andalasia takes on a harmless appearance. According to Giselle, it's just beyond the "meadows of joy" and the "valley of contentment."

Information Edit

Sam: "I can't find this place [Giselle] comes from. Andalusia."
Robert: "Andalasia."
Sam: "Whatever. I don't know if it's a country or a city."
Robert: "It can't be a state."
Sam: "More like a state of mind."
—Robert and Sam trying to figure out where Giselle comes from

In Enchanted, Andalasia is ruled by an evil queen, named Narissa. She is afraid that her step-son, Prince Edward, would one day fall in love and marry, causing Narissa to step down from the throne. After casting Giselle into the real world, Prince Edward, Pip, Nathaniel, and eventually Narissa, leave Andalasia to find Giselle. All throughout her experiences, Giselle struggles to return to Andalasia, but ends up falling in love with Robert Philip, thus causing her to stay in the real world. In the end, after Narissa's defeat, Prince Edward brings Nancy Tremaine with him to Andalasia and the two become the new king and queen.

Known Residents Edit