Morgan Philip
Placeholder person
Name Morgan Philip
Species Human
Age Six years old
Gender Female
Home New York City
Likes princesses, shopping, Giselle, Robert
Dislikes Stepmothers (initially)
Quote But I think she might be a real princess!
Morgan Alexis Philip is a main character in Walt Disney Picture's, Enchanted. She is portrayed, by actress Rachel Covey. Morgan is a child of Robert Phillip and an unknown mother. Later, she got a mother she loves very much, Giselle Philip. She believes in happily ever after, just like her mother. She and Giselle (her mother) made her father believe in happy endings. Morgan became more happy, she wasn't so shy, she was a friendly person, when Giselle walked into her life.

Physical Appearance & Personality. Edit

Morgan Philip has short brown curly hair, and brown eyes. She is shy and has a small number of friends (as, Robert told Giselle), but also kind. She likes princesses and fairytales. She loves Giselle very much, and finds her as a mother.
Morgan Philip

Giselle (Left), And Morgan Philip (Right)